Fantasy Football: Q&A With The Fantasy X-Man

Once again, it’s time to empty the Fantasy X-Man Mailbag.

Fantasy X-Man,

I lost Andre Johnson. Is Jacoby Jones worth adding and is he worth starting over my receivers Manningham and Sidney Rice, or my flex Jonathan Stewart? -Louis, Seattle


He’s worth adding for sure. I would start him over Stewart, but probably not the two WR.

Fantasy X-Man,

Over/under 12 carries for McCluster this week? -Max, Boston

First of all, Max, apologies on your Red Sox.

To get to the question. I’ll take the under on carries, and over on touches.

Fantasy X-Man,

Would I be crazy to trade my backup QB for a worse backup QB if his matchup on my starter’s bye week was better? -Trent, Texas


Besides thinking Stafford had a big year coming, I drafted him because he plays the Broncos when my starter is on bye. So I like the train of thought, but I only trade a player for an admittedly worse one if the matchup is clearly better (think your guy has Baltimore that week and his guy has, well, Denver).

Fantasy X-Man,

Can you take some baseball questions? Thoughts on Strasburg and Wainwright next year? -Eugene, MN


Look at what Washington did with Zimmerman this year. That’s basically what I expect from Strasburg next year. Great stuff but a strict innings limit. Wainwright I like a lot and think he might be undervalued in some drafts next year. He’ll probably fall between 20-25 of SP in my preseason rankings, if I had to guess right now.

Fantasy X-Man,

Rashard Mendenhall… what do you see the rest of this year? -Dr., Pennsylvania

Well Doc,

I see touchdowns. He might not sniff 1,000 yards but could still see 8-10 TDs. He’s slipping from buy-low to just low.

Fantasy X-Man,

Carolina has to run eventually right, if they want to win? So Newton and Smith’s values would go down and D-Will would go up? -Thomas, Georgia


I think Jonathan Stewart is the back to own there, and you brought up the key point “if they want to win.” Now, there’s a legitimate argument for letting your QB get as much work as possible, knowing you won’t be a playoff team this year, but could be next year if he learns this year. Now, throwing 40 times a game is dangerous as it leaves him vulnerable to a ton of hits, so I do think the run game improves, but they could still be 60% passing all year.

Fantasy X-Man,

Giving up on Tebow? John Fox doesn’t seem to like him at all… -Jason, Utah


I was tempted this week, but if he then got playing time and went off, I’d hate myself for giving up so I hung on. I think Orton will lose his job in the next month or so, and if that happens, you might a Quinn/Tebow split, so I want to see how it shakes out before giving up.

Fantasy X-Man,

Is Julio Jones going to keep Roddy White from being a top-10 WR? -Jen, New York


It’s possible. I thought Jones would merely keep White out of so much double coverage, but Ryan is looking his way a lot. I still think White is a top-10 receiver, but closer to six or seven than two or three where I expected him. And by the way, Megatron (Calvin Johnson) is my #1 WR right without a close second.

That’s all for now. Thanks everyone for the questions. Heads up for Snakes and Ladders coming soon.

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