Fantasy Football X-Man Q&A: Week 6

The emergence of Tim Tebow has Fantasy X-Man’s mailbox overflowing.

Questions flowing in about hot topics this week. I’ll hit as many as I can.

Insert one of maybe 30 Tim Tebow questions…… Before the season started, I said it was only a matter of time because he was the starter. The questions about his accuracy are legitimate, but from a fantasy standpoint, he’s not afraid to take risky throws downfield, and he runs for a touchdown in almost every game. That means his fantasy value may be more than his real life value, at least in the immediate future.

Fantasy X-man,

Now that it looks like Miles Austin and Dez Bryant are both back, who will be better from here on out? -Mark, Delaware


This is going to be a maddening situation because if they were on another team, they might both be top-15 WR, but in Dallas, with Jason Witten in town as well, I think they’re both risky. I’d take Bryant before Austin because he has top-10 upside, whereas I don’t see Austin there.

Fantasy X-Man,

Would you trade for Andre Johnson, considering the injury? -Texan, Texas


I would trade for anyone if the value was good. But to answer your question, I’d trade for him if I was giving up less than top-10 value. If I could get him for the price of a top-20 or so receiver, I think I win there. That being said, I think he’s in the lower half of the top 10 among receivers from the time he comes back to the end.

Fantasy X-Man,

Where do Cam Newton, Tebow, Stafford, and Dalton fall on your QB rankings? -Lisa, Miami


Stafford is in my top 5, I’d have Newton around seven or eight. Tebow would probably land around the 12 or 13 spot and Dalton at the back end of the top 15. Speaking of which, I should put up new positional rankings soon.

Fantasy X-Man,

What do you make of the Colts now that we’ve seen Painter work? -McKinley, California


I think Garcon is option-1, shockingly enough. Painter loves him. Wayne is two and Dallas Clark is a distant three.

Fantasy X-Man,

The worst teams right now all seem to be pretty good at QB, so where would Andrew Luck end up? -George, Mexico


Two of the three winless teams (MIA and IND) could use Mr. Luck. If someone ends up in the #1 spot who has a franchise guy already, then that pick could command a king’s ransom in trade, or a minimum of two first round picks, probably three.

Fantasy X-Man,

Could Justin Blackmon do next year as well as Julio Jones and AJ Green this year? And what do you see rookie-wise next year? -Sanchez, Minnesota


I think Blackmon will need to land somewhere with a good QB and a place he will get regular targets, so I reserve judgement. I see next year’s QB class being pretty good, but lacking immediate impact. Luck would LOVE to spend a couple seasons under Peyton Manning before starting. I think Landry, Barkley, RG3 and Kellen Moore could all become quality NFL passers with time to learn. I worry about them all if they’re thrown in as rookies.

Fantasy X-Man,

The Broncos don’t seem to have any faith at all in Tebow. What happens if he succeeds? -Jennifer, Denver


I shudder to think what the fans would do if he wins a bunch of games and the organization still finds another starter for next year. Faith can be earned.

That’s all for today. Thank you for all the questions. Sorry if I didn’t get to yours.

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