2011 NFL Week 6 Recap

Week 6 isn't over until you've read the Recap. I'll chase you down if I need to.

Meet Rob Woodfork. And his unconventional NFL recap column.

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Rob. (insert the Alcoholics Anonymous-style “Hi Rob” from everyone reading)

I’m a huge fan of the NFL. In particular, the Washington Redskins. I don’t apologize for that, although I’ve spent most of the last decade ashamed of it (all the more reason the AA reference is appropos). I do my best to write without bias, but like a lot of writers I’ll fall short of that mark every once in awhile. That’s what the comments section is for. So use it instead of screaming obscenities at your monitor.

In addition to the standard columns, I’ve been given the green light from lead FanMan Jesse Golomb to provide you all with a week-by-week recap of the week that was in the NFL. You know how picky he is, so if he blessed a recap, you know it’s good. I’m not one to toot my own horn, so I’ll let you spend your Tuesday mornings reading the recap and making that decision on your own.

I don't do NFL recaps. But when I do, I read the one on FanMan.

I’ll warn you in advance; my sense of humor is what some would call “edgy”. I just call it funny, but whatever. If you don’t like the occasional cuss word or otherwise politically incorrect reference, then my contributions may not be for you. But something tells me if you’re into Family Guy, beer and chili dogs, and all things NFL football, you’ll probably like the smell of what The Rob is cookin’.

Also note that in this space, I’ll give you some sort of preamble that will basically act as a mini-column that ties the week in a nice neat little bow. I have no idea why I started doing it; I guess it’s just better than just blurting out the scores of all the NFL games and just chasing it with some smart-ass remarks.

Speaking of which, every week I’ll recap one game with the simple phrase, “Who gives a shit?” That’s reserved for the game with the least amount of mass appeal (or that least appeals to me…typically, that means the same thing). So I apologize in advance to Seahawks fans and Bengals fans. Nothing personal, it’s just business.

(To answer your question, yes I have slapped a Redskins game with the “Who gives a shit” tag a time or two. I try not to be biased, remember?)

Anyways, I’m glad to be aboard FanMan and hopefully this is the start of a beautiful friendship. If not, I’ll just chase Jesse down like he shook my hand too hard.

Here’s a look at all things Week 6:

Eagles 20
Redskins 13

After this game, Santana Moss was quoted as saying he actually wants Rex Grossman to remain the starting QB in Washington. In a somewhat unrelated note, every defensive back on the Redskins’ remaining schedule are on record as saying they want Rex Grossman to remain the starting QB in Washington.

Jaguars 13
Steelers 17

Am I the only one that thought Jacksonville really missed David Garrard when they tried that Hail Mary?

Panthers 17
Falcons 31

You know your season is slipping away when you call an October matchup against Carolina a “must win”…

Colts 17
Bengals 27

Who gives a shit?

Niners 25
Lions 19

Gotta love when a game is so hotly contested that even the coaches almost go to blows. Ironically, these two coaches have every right to slap each other silly with happiness; they’ve both made their respective teams relevant again after years of sucking.

Rams 3
Packers 24

This outcome was not only predictable; it probably should have been much worse for St. Louis. The only thing that was unpredictable is how the defending champs could make those hideous Milk Dud throwback unis look so good.

Bills 24
Giants 27

Attention Bills fans: you’ve got to score a lot to win. This defense just ain’t circling the wagons.

Browns 17
Raiders 24

The tribute to Al Davis was nice, but the only tribute that matters to that franchise is winning. At 4-2, Oakland is certainly doing more of it than we expected.

Texans 14
Ravens 29

Before you Baltimore fans start revving up your purple IROCs and prepping them for a trip to Indy in February, remember Houston was without their two best players (Andre Johnson and Mario Williams). Do this in Pittsburgh in 3 weeks and then you’ll have my attention.

Cowboys 16
Patriots 20

For once, Dallas lost and it’s nobody’s fault. They simply got beaten by a better team. Period. End of story. If only the media were privy to the memo…

Saints 20
Bucs 26

How physical was this game, you ask? The Saints head coach came away with a torn ACL and broken leg, and a Bucs assistant coach tore a patella tendon. In my book, when guys on the sideline are getting hurt, you automatically assume the title of toughest division. Sorry, NFC East…it was a good run while it lasted.

Vikings 10
Bears 39

I know Bears’ play-by-play guy Jeff Joniak made famous the line, “Devin Hester…you are RIDICULOUS!” No, Jeff. What’s ridiculous is that people still kick to this guy.

Dolphins 6
Jets 24

Like a bad dream, if I don’t acknowledge this game happened I’ll eventually forget it completely. I suggest Miami fans do the same. Oh, and Rex Ryan…if Derrick Mason catches 80 passes this year, it won’t be in New York. Just add that to the long list of reasons why these Jets won’t be flying as high as they thought.

Rob Woodfork wries for TheFanManifesto.

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