Fantasy Football Q&A: Week 9

Let’s dive into the Fantasy X-Man inbox and see what’s happening.

From Jane: For Week 8, who should I start (2RB):Gore, Mathews, Sproles. My WR’s are hopeless (2WR & WR/T): Desean Jackson, Victor, Cruz, Eric Decker, Pierre Thomas, Brandon Marshall. THANKS SO MUCH!

Well Jane, Gore is the easy call. I think Mathews and Sproles are matchup guys. Personally, I’m lower on both than most people, but it depends who they are playing. As for the WR, I’d play Jackson and Marshall… and for the third spot, Decker, Cruz and Thomas might also be matchup guys. If I was ranking flex players, they’d probably all be in the same general area, though I might have Cruz the highest with the injury to Nicks.

From Frank, PA: How long does TT keep his job?

This is the one and only Tebow questions I will take today because it is the only relevant question. He will put up fantasy points until he is benched. I think he competes enough with Oakland to earn a couple more weeks at least. I’d say from week 12 onward, we might see Tebow and Brady Quinn mixed in.

From Jason, Toronto: Can you name some sleepers and busts for the rest of the season?

I like the thinking. I’ll call Philip Rivers a sleeper because people seem to be giving up and I wouldn’t yet. Roy Helu will get his chance at the head of the Redskins backfield, though I wouldn’t trust anything on that team. Jake Ballard is emerging as a reliable tight end. I think Emmanuel Sanders deserves more attention than he’s getting. I’ve also got a feeling the Eagles defense is getting ready for a dominant run, call it a hunch. As far as busts, I think Frank Gore will miss at least a week or two, so you might call that a bust. Michael Turner’s work load is bound to catch up with him. As far as the hype has gone on Demarco Murray, call him a sell-high candidate.

From Jamaal, Iowa: Is TJ Houshmanzadeh useful now that he is reunited with Carson Palmer?

I say no. I think Carson is still being overrated. In fact, with Darren McFadden hurt, that offense might struggle mightily with Denver this week. Darrius Heyward-Bey looks like the top receiver in town. The rest are barely ownable. And I’d want Ford before Housh.

From Martin, NYC: With Montario Hardesty hurt, Peyton Hillis HAS to do SOMETHING right?

I’m not so sure, but he will get the carries, so maybe he produces in a volume sense. He doesn’t look as powerful as he was last year, and he’s coming off his own injury, but maybe within the top-15 backs if he’s getting 20-25 touches per game.

From Andre, Kentucky: Chris Johnson… I’m sure I’m not the only one asking…

No, Andre, you’re not. My stance on CJ0K is you can’t do anything but hold. The upside is too high to drop him. But his value is too low to trade him. And he’s not giving you enough in any one week to start him. Case in point, two weeks ago I offered Mario Manningham straight up for him. It was declined. No way would I do that deal now. Bench him and hope. But honestly, it may take an offseason to right the ship. That being said, I think he might be a great draft value next year.

From Jessilyn, New Mexico: Will I suddenly find myself without the services of Aaron Rodgers in week 16 or 17 in fantasy playoffs?

The best thing you can do is root for the other NFC teams to keep winning and/or the Pack to stay undefeated. The only scenario in which they would bench him, in my opinion, is in week 17 at 14-1 or 13-2 if they’ve locked up home field advantage. I guess I could see him only playing half of week 16 if they’ve locked it up and are NOT undefeated, but I can’t see them resting him a full two weeks knowing he’d then have a first round bye as well. Besides, I wouldn’t worry about that yet. First focus on GETTING to that round of your playoffs and then deal with possible holes.


That’s it for now guys. Thanks for all the questions. Sorry if I didn’t get to yours

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