Rob’s Raw NFL Recap: Week 13

On a week in which the Eagles, Redskins, and Vikings all lost, I guess it’s fitting that I open this week’s recap with the same declaration all three teams have said at least once in the last 20 months:

I quit on Donovan McNabb.

Even before he traded in his green for the burgundy and gold, I thought he got a raw deal in Philly. A lot of people carry blame for the Eagles’ failure to win a Super Bowl in the Andy Reid Era, but I wouldn’t put McNabb anywhere in the top 3. The only thing more unfair than asking him to win you a Super Bowl essentially on his own is to ask him to carry your offense with little help at age 33 like the Redskins did last year.

But this year was supposed to be different. Minnesota was looking for a veteran placeholder to keep the starting QB seat warm for rookie Christian Ponder. It was a West Coast offense fairly similar to the one he ran in Philly, he had a solid pass catching tight end (Visanthe Shiancoe), a legit deep threat at receiver (Percy Harvin), and a solid ground game led by the league’s best running back (Adrian Peterson) to take the pressure off him.

Ultimately, he still couldn’t get it done.

And now, after seeing the Broncos free Kyle Orton from purgatory to pursue some potential starting gigs freed up by injuries elsewhere, McNabb thought he could get the same courtesy and set off a waiver-wire war that would insert him into a situation where he takes the field and resumes what he started in Philly.

Um, yeah. About that.

With no team claiming him on waivers and nobody in much of a rush to get him on their roster for even the veteran’s minimum, it looks like Donovan McNabb has played his last snap in 2011–and perhaps for good.

Even after getting blown out of Washington, I maintained the belief that McNabb could still play. I felt he was put in an impossible situation that he exacerbated by (reportedly) not going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that he and his teammates were getting better and more proficient in the offense. At worst, he’s lazy. At best, he’s not perceived as putting in enough of the added elbow grease to get a leg up on the competition. Some have even alleged that he’s lost interest in football altogether since getting traded from the team he led to unprecedented heights (for them, at least) for 11 years.

Whatever the case, no more excuses. No more debate. He’s done. Whether it’s physical or mental, it’s painfully obvious that he’s no longer a viable option for a team in need of a veteran starting QB.

It’s a shame too. Had he at least replicated his Eagles career for 3-5 years in Washington, he’d be a strong candidate for the Hall of Fame.

Now? Not so much. Hall-of-Famers don’t fall to third-sting behind the likes of Rex Grossman, John Beck, Christian Ponder, and Joe Webb.

The way I see it, there’s only one way McNabb can revive a career that’s–at best–on life support: he has to accept the reality that he’s no longer a starting QB, quietly take a role as a backup, and hope that circumstances thrust him back onto the field to reintroduce himself as a legit starting NFL QB.

Given how obvious it’s become that he lacks the intensity and dedication of Kurt Warner (a guy who did have an epic career resurgence), I doubt we see that happen.

Well, on to the Week 13 recap:

Eagles 14
Seahawks 31

Who gives a shit?

Panthers 38
Buccaneers 19

Tampa coach Raheem Morris can call his team “youngry” all he wants. I call them “poorly coached underachievers”.

Bengals 7
Steelers 35

There ya have it, Cincy fans. I told you I’d take your squad seriously if you could beat Pittsburgh and Baltimore. You’re 0-3 against them so far. Regardless of whether you beat the Ravens to close out the regular season, you’ve been exposed.

Falcons 10
Texans 17

Good news for Houston: You’re 9-3 and would be the top seed in the AFC if the playoffs started today.

Bad news for Houston: The playoff don’t start today. Plus, T.J. Yates is your starting QB, Jake Delhomme is backing him up, and Andre Johnson now has two bad hamstrings. Unless Yates is the second coming of Jeff Hostetler, your first trip to the postseason appears destined to be short.

Jets 34
Skins 19

Considering this has been the season from hell in Washington, can anyone really blame Trent Williams and Fred Davis for hittin’ the wacky tobacky? Hell, the whole damn team should be on the stuff after the events of this year…

Colts 24
Pats 31

Who needs Andrew Luck when you can get this kind of production from Dan Orlovsky? Either the New England defense is that bad or Indy should have been playing Orlovsky all along.

Raiders 14
Dolphins 34

A team called the Raiders got raped and pillaged in a city by the sea. How’s that for irony?

Broncos 35
Vikings 32

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying this game was won by Tim Tebow. For the first time during this win streak, the defense failed Denver and Tebow bailed them out by playing what was far and away his best game as a pro. In fact, he had what was (by his standards) an awesome game on Sunday. Now…if Tebow can play like this on a week-to-week basis, there’s no longer any debate over whether he can play QB in the NFL.

Titans 23
Bills 17

No Music City Miracle required here…this was all Titans from the start. Not only did Tennessee take the game, they took Buffalo’s spot in the AFC wild card race.

Chiefs 10
Bears 3

If this is Matt Forte’s last game in Chicago, it’s fitting (yet unfortunate) that it ends in a game like this. The Bears will be on the losing end of many more ugly games if they let him go.

Ravens 24
Browns 10

Note to Joe Flacco: 10-for-23, 158 yards passing is enough to beat Cleveland. Bring that weak shit against Pittsburgh or New England next month, and you’ll be starting the new year with a fresh batch of intense scrutiny.

Cowboys 13
Cardinals 19 (OT)

Let’s review: Dallas coach Jason Garrett iced his own kicker, Tony Romo got outdueled by Kevin Kolb coming off injury, and the defense stood idly by while a backup running back took a screen play to the house for the game-winning touchdown. How people keep thinking Dallas is a contender is beyond me…

Packers 38
Giants 35

Now we can talk undefeated season.

Rams 0
Niners 26

Congrats to San Fran for locking up the shittiest division in all of football. But that was inevitable, so my game ball goes to Frank Gore for becoming the Niners’ all-time leading rusher. Dude is far and away the most underrated RB in football.

Lions 17
Saints 31

Detroit better figure out a way to get their mojo back or else they’re gonna go down as the biggest disappointment since…well, the ’07 Lions.

Chargers 38
Jaguars 14

Worst Monday night matchup of the year–maybe even the decade. So I’ll end the recap the same way it started: Who gives a shit?

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