Message to the Redskins: Get Griffin

Griffin would look good in Burgundy and Gold...

The Rams’ asking price might be difficult to swallow, but Rob Woodfork believes it’s one that needs to be met.

 One could make the case that despite opting not to throw at the NFL Combine, Robert Griffin III still managed to solidify his standing as the cinch pick at #2 overall in April’s draft. In fact, it’s not crazy to take it a step further and say he got himself into the mix for being the top pick.

So when Howard Eskin (who, incidentally, I don’t trust as far as I can spit) tweeted over the weekend that my Washington Redskins “are prepared to offer picks 1, 2 and 3 this year, at least a 1 next year to move up to get RG3 at (2nd overall)”, it gave me pause.

When just yesterday, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that the St. Louis Rams will indeed trade the 2nd overall pick, I got resolute in a position I thought I would never take; especially when Schefter added that St. Louis will use San Diego’s haul for Eli Manning (two 1st rounders, a 3rd, and a 5th) as the starting point for negotiations.

What’s my position, you ask? Do it.

If the Chargers’ template is the price, then that’s totally fair. The Redskins get a much-needed franchise quarterback without giving up half their draft. The Rams get multiple picks to build their team around 2010 top pick Sam Bradford (whose contract would make it near impossible to trade him even if they wanted to). It’s a win-win.

However, the Eskin report–if true–is a bit rich for my blood. That is giving up almost half of this year’s draft and your best pick next year.

That said, (and as much as I don’t like it) it’s the cost of doing business. Franchise QBs are hard to get. And if the Skins are sold on RG3, they need to get him in burgundy and gold–so long as the bidding doesn’t get ridiculous.

If you’re a Skins fan reading this, you probably disagree. You’re punch drunk. You’ve seen so many big names come and go, with precious little to show for it. Trust me when I say: I feel your pain.

But as the saying goes, “you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” I’m OK with the Redskins shooting for the moon this time and here’s why.

RG3 could make the Redskins Super again

First off, they have to. In a division where Eli Manning has made a move to the elite, and Tony Romo and Michael Vick sit in the tier just below, Washington is the only team without a QB. That won’t get you out of the NFC East basement anytime soon. And if RG3 is who we think he is, he’ll be entering his prime three or four years from now, right when the other QBs in the division are beginning their decline (most people forget that Manning is 31, and Romo and Vick both turn 32 this year).

Secondly, losing draft picks in 2012 and probably 2013 won’t hurt as bad as it did in years past because they loaded up on picks in 2011. The Skins drafted 12 players last year, and 10 of them made the team. That makes a trade up for RG3 a good gamble because they’ll probably still end up with a combined 12 or 13 young players on the roster between the last two drafts, a good amount for any team. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the team made some moves to multiply their picks again.

Finally, what do they have to lose? If RG3 is a bust and they blew draft picks for nothing, then where does that put them? Likely in the neighborhood of 5-11, occupying the familiar position of last place in the division, and starting over again with a new coach. Which, if they play it safe and roll with the likes of Kyle Orton and/or (gasp!) Rex Grossman while a young not-as-ready-to-play prospect gets up to speed, then they’re probably–wait for it–in the neighborhood of 5-11, occupying the familiar position of last place in the division, and starting over again with a new coach.

But if they hit on the pick? It’ll probably be time to do another cheesy video.

Let me reiterate: I hate trading away picks. Especially now that this Redskins regime has mostly demonstrated they know what to do with them. But elite QBs are such a rare commodity, and having one is so integral to contending for championships in the NFL these days, that if you can find a way to make it happen you get one at all costs.

If his college career and subsequent combine showing are any indication, RG3 could very well be a special player at the pro level. This guy could be Peyton Manning with Michael Vick athleticism.

So ask yourself this: if he is that player, will we really remember what we paid to get him? Or will we just bask in the glory of having the most electrifying player in the league as the face of our franchise?

Hopefully, we’ll find out soon enough.

Rob Woodfork is a diehard Redskins fan. So his life sucks. He also writes for TheFanManifesto.

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