Alex Rodriguez – The Snitch

“A snitch *****, that’s that **** I don’t like”. – Chief Keef

What do you call a backstabbing, skullduggerous, rat-snitch who buys incriminating documents that implicate him in a scandal and then uses those same documents against his fellow players?

You may call him a traitor. I just call him Alex Rodriguez.

I pretty much summed up what happened, but let me explain in detail:

Biogenesis of America is a health clinic specializing in hormone replacement therapy and weight loss. In March, Major League Baseball sued Biogenesis in an attempt to obtain information on players who had used PES (Performance Enhancing Substances) that was believed to have been provided by the company.

The suit alleged that Biogenesis of America, “actively participated in a scheme … to solicit or induce Major League players to purchase or obtain PES (performing-enhancing substances).”

Through this litigation, the MLB obtained evidence that implicated Alex Rodriguez in this scandal. Major League Baseball then suspended Rodriguez through the end of the 2014 season for violating baseball’s Joint Drug Agreement.

“Please Eric, bless us with your wisdom and tell us what the evidence is?”

Why of course, my darlings.

The evidence obtained by MLB is composed of handwritten documents by Anthony Bosch, the owner of Biogenesis and key witness in the MLB’s investigation, which revealed comprehensive doping regimens that he had concocted for a litany of professional athletes. These documents included Alex Rodriguez as one of the athletes.

The MLB also found that the New York Yankee’s third basemen, “attempted to cover up his violations [of the Joint Drug Agreement] by engaging in a course of conduct intended to obstruct…the office of the commissioner’s investigation.”

According to “60 Minutes,” that conduct was A-Rod and his “inner circle” allegedly buying and leaking documents which contained unreacted names of fellow MLB players, such as Ryan Braun and HIS OWN TEAMMATE, catcher Francisco Cervelli, in the scandal. This caused a 50-game suspension for Cervelli along with 11 other players.

I’m sorry, I have to emphasize this: Alex Rodriguez and his cohorts literally bought incriminating documents and leaked them knowing that other players would be screwed over. He then turned around, and claimed the allegations that he did so were untrue and defamatory, even though the evidence collected by the MLB and obtained by Yahoo! Sports show otherwise. CBS sources with first had knowledge of the investigation also confirm that the purpose of the leak was to show that A-Rod wasn’t the only person who had used PES.

Him denying this is crazy stupid, especially considering he and his boys leaked the documents, but hey, what can you expect from someone who was recruited to play baseball at The U.

But how small, how pedestrian, how ridiculously cheap was that move? How can Rodriguez and his “Inner Circle” be such pricks? Aren’t you supposed to stick up and help the fraternity of brothers in which you’re involved? Don’t you have the obligation to your teammate to say to anyone investigating him, “Screw you, I ain’t sayin’ nuthin!”?

Not if you’re A-Rod. Nope, not at all, and the worst part is that he had NOTHING to gain from leaking those documents.

Snitches get stiches, and one of those stitches will be the knowledge that, through the rest of his career, he’ll be labeled a tattler throughout the entire MLB.

A perfect example of that is when Boston Red Sox pitcher, Ryan Dempster, became the MLB’s Mafia hitman in Sunday night’s game versus the Yankees. Dempsey intentionally threw at Alex Rodriguez multiple times and eventually hit him. Many speculate that this is because of A-Rod being a snitch, and (shocking, I know) they’re right.

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